Q: If the first card of my army is trapped, should I discard 2 cards to play another “level 1” card?

A: Yes, as a trapped card has no clan at all. Besides, your first army card being trapped does make it disappear. Thus, it does not transform your second card into a new “free” first card..

Q: May I destroy 2 “level 1” cards of the same army with the Goblin Sniper ?

A: No, because you must first choose 2 FREE cards before destroying them. And there can never be 2 FREE cards of the same level at the same time in any given army.

Q: At which moment must I choose my target for a mutation ?

A: When you announce your mutation, you must announce immediately your target. Your target becomes unalterable until it comes into play. Nothing can block this mutation.

Q: With the Zombie Mutation, may I discard three cards from my hand to pay the cost and mutates my Goblin into one of these discarded cards ?

A: No because when you announce the mutation, you also declare the target of the mutation. And at this point, the cards you will discard will not yet be available in the discard pile.

Q: Ok, here is another one. When I mutate Manner, if I discard my whole hand, I would also discard the one card replacing Manner. Is it not so?

A: No because the card you announced as replacing Manner becomes “unalterable”, thus protecting it against any other effect. As said, the mutation cannot be blocked. So, the replacing card is set aside and is not discarded with the rest of your hand.

Q: To play the Meka Goblin Fiddler, I discard two cards, one of which is a Meka Goblin. When the Meka Goblin Fiddler comes into play, may I take back the discarded Meka Goblin using the power of the Fiddler ?

A: Yes, you may as the effects are resolved in turns, starting with the payment of the enrollment costs and then followed by the resolution of the special effects of the new card coming into play.

Q: May I play an Activation Token on an opponent’s card?

A: No, you are not allowed to do so. You may play Activation Tokens solely on your army cards (except when Blind, a level 3 Meka Goblin, is in play, authorizing all players to play Activation Tokens on opponent’s cards).

Q: During my turn, I trap 2 cards of my opponent, among which Kao is the first. How many cards does he get from Kao’s power? 0, 1 or 2 ?

A: You opponent will get 2 cards as all triggered effects must be resolved (cf. page 20 of the rule book). Thus your opponent, benefiting from Kao’s power, draws 2 cards, one for each trapped card including Kao himself (Note however that immediately after, Kao’s power will become unavailable until Kao is released).

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