Concours de création de jeux de société chez Nestorgames

by Emmanuel on 18 août 2009

Attention, texte en anglais !


1st NESTORGAMES game design contest.

Hi, all.

Welcome to the 1st NESTORGAMES game design contest. Winner gets published (EDIT: obviously if we both reach an agreement).

Here are the rules:

1. Deadline is sep-30-2009

2. The game must use FORMAT 1 (see FORMAT 1 technical specifications on the site).

3. The game must be added to the bgg database. Thumbs up help. Fans help…

4. The game must be added to the 1st NESTORGAMES design contest geeklist:

5. It must be a « german style » game (near abstract, pasted theme, a bit random, but not much,… you know)

6. Rules must be clearly written and uploaded in PDF format (english only) to the bgg page for the game. Nice documentation helps. Images help. Turn examples help. Cool artwork helps.

7. Already existing games in the database are also accepted, but innovative games are greatly appreciated.

8. Plagiarism will be banned.

9. Winner gets published (EDIT: obviously if we both reach an agreement). Some non winners could be published too.

10. NESTORGAMES reserves the rights to change anything about the published game/s. EDIT: This just means that the final product may be different from the original, due to production issues.

11. You can comment the entries in this thread.

12. Ask your questions here. Do not send messages to the NESTORGAMES e-mail about this contest.

13. Not following these rules may result in not considering your game for evaluation.

14. I may change these rules at any moment. EDIT: I mean I can update/add/explain the rules if needed. Like I’m doing right now.

EDIT (08-17-2009)

15. One person can sumbit more than one game.

16. Of course I’m paying royalties.

Please forgive my english.

Good luck everybody!

Néstor Romeral Andrés

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